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Need Wordpress help? Learn how to update, fix and modify your Wordpress website. Below are a number of articles that will help you get the most out of your Wordpress website.

Help! My WordPress Website is Broken

Nothing is more frustrating than finding that your WordPress website is broken. Perhaps the pages aren’t showing up correctly in the browser, maybe you have PHP errors atop your pages, or something else has gone haywire. What do you do? Troubleshooting a Broken WordPress Website I get website help calls all the time from people […]

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How to Back Up Your WordPress Website

You accidentally overwrite your WordPress files. Your website host goes out of business and you can’t get to your WordPress database containing years of blog posts. These and many other worst case scenarios happen all the time, and having a backup of your WordPress website is the difference between losing hair and breathing a sigh […]

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How to Set Up Your WordPress Menu Links

When you add a new page to your WordPress website, WordPress uses the page title you enter to determine the text that will appear in the menu for this link. If you have a long page title and want your menu link to simply be something short like “About Us”, you can easily achieve this […]

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Pretty URLs (Permalinks) in WordPress

As you may know, your website permalinks (also known as URLs), specify the address to a particular page on your website. When I develop a website using WordPress, one of the first things I do after installing WordPress is to update the settings that control how these permalinks are formatted. This is a quick website […]

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