Working on your own website can be fun and rewarding! The articles in this blog aim to help motivated beginners design, develop, fix and update their own websites. The articles are broken up into three main categories:

Website Help

Building your own website can be both liberating and frustrating. These articles strive to help you create and maintain a website the right way from the start, so that you can save both time and frustration, and end up with a better website.

WordPress Help

WordPress is a great platform for building a website or blog. Although it’s fairly user-friendly, there is a lot to learn, and even setting up your website menu can be challenging if you don’t know how. These articles are designed to help you easily get your WordPress website looking and functioning how you want it to.

SEO Help

Having a website is useless if no one sees it. Optimizing your website to show up in Google search results can drive visitors to your website and increase your business. Learn some basic tips on how to perform SEO.